Eurosport, a French société par actions simplifiée with a registered capital of 17.353.735.657€, the head office of which is located at 3, Rue Gaston et René Caudron - 92798 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex 9 - France (the "Organising Company"), acting through its legal representatives, domiciled in this capacity at the said registered office, organises competitions entitled "Eurosport Voice Panel competitions" (the "Competition(s)" from April 13 2015 to December 31 2016. These competitions take place via the Internet, on the website  (the "Website").


By taking part in the Competition, the participant (the "Competitor") accepts unreservedly the present rules and the principle of the Competitions (the "Rules"). Anyone breaching one or more of the articles of the present Rules shall be deprived of the possibility of taking part in the Competitions and also of any prize that he or she might otherwise have won.


3.1. The Competitions, which entail no obligation to make a purchase, are open to any individual, residing in France, England or Germany who is above the age of 16 years old, with the exception of those persons having a legal link with the Organising Company and their families.    

Any form of participation in the Competitions other than those expressly defined by the present Rules is excluded and shall not be taken into consideration by the Organising Company.

3.2. By taking part in the Competition(s) and to have a chance to win a prize, the Competitor shall bear a loyal attitude, accepts unreservedly the present Rules and the principles of the Competitions and accepts to respect other Competitors' rights. The Organising Company reserves the right to sue the Competitors who by any means attempt to circumvent the present Rules, in particular in the event of false information being communicated or of fraud being attempted.


4.1 In order to take part in the Competition(s) and have a chance to win a prize, Competitors should:

i)  Register on the Website by completing the online registration form.
ii) Click on the survey(s) which is available in the Website and/or received by email and fill in the corresponding survey.
iii) By filling out the survey(s), the Competitor will be entered into a prize draw to win a prize.

4.2 One Competition will be organised after each survey. In order to participate to a Competition, Competitors shall fill in the corresponding survey.

4.3 Only one prize draw entry per individual (same name and same address) is authorized by the Organising Company.

4.4 Any inaccurate or incomplete entry cannot be taken into account and shall lead to the participation being null. An entry shall not be taken into account if the address details are inaccurate or incomplete, if an entry does not comply with the present Rules or if it is sent once the competition closing date is over.


5.1 For each survey, in order to designate the winners of the Competition, one main prize draw will be held amongst the Competitors who have participated to the corresponding survey via the Website. The prize draw, which will be conducted by the Organising Company within one month from the closure of the corresponding Survey, will designate the winners who will win the prizes such as detailed on the Webiste. For each Competition, the details regarding the number of potential Winners and the prize(s) to winn (type of prize, value, conditions associated with the prize…) will be specified in the prizepage of the Website.   

Winners only will be contacted by the Organising Company within fifteen (15) days from the prize draw.

Each winner will be asked to confirm that she/he accepts the prize within 15 days from the day she/he was contacted by the Organising Company, and to provide his/her home/email address where he/she would like to receive his/her gift. Once the winner has confirmed to the Organising Company his/her e-mail address and/or postal address, the prize will be sent by email to the aforementioned winner(s) (in case of e-vouchers for instance) and/or delivered by guaranteed delivery or by standard post.

5.2 The winners authorise the Organising Company to carry out all verifications regarding their identity and their address. It is expressly agreed that the data contained in the IT systems in the Organising Company's possession or in the possession of its outside service providers shall be final and binding as regards connexion information for the purpose of determining the winners.

5.3 Any winner expressly accepts, free of charge, that his/her surname, forenames, and photograph may be published by the Organising Company, for a period of time not exceeding 12 months from the end of the Competition. To this end, the winner authorises in advance and without any financial consideration in return, the Organising Company to use, reproduce, and represent his or her name, address, and photograph for the purposes of promoting the Competition or the business of the Organising Company on any communications media. This option may not constitute an obligation incumbent on the Organising Company.

5.4 The prizes are as stated and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash, goods or services, unless specifically agreed in writing by the Organizing Company, the prize must be taken by the Winner in person.

The prizes shall be accepted as offered.

5.5 The Organizing Company reserves the possibility of replacing the prize by an alternative prize of equivalent value, without it being possible for any claim to be lodged in this regard.

5.6 Under no circumstances may the Organising Company be held liable for delays in making prizes available or for impossibility for winners to claim enjoyment of their prizes because of circumstances beyond the control of the Organising Company.

In particular, the Organising Company may not under any circumstances be held liable in the event of the prizes being lost and/or damaged by the postal authorities or by any other similar third party service provider, or, more generally, if the winners do not receive their prizes.  In the event that the prizes cannot be sent by post, the conditions under which they may be collected shall be specified to the winners by any means at the convenience of the Organizing Company.

5.7 The prize may not be exchanged, taken back, or be the subject of any financial consideration or financial equivalent. Any claims concerning the manner in which the prize is made available may not consist in claiming any financial consideration and/or any financial equivalent.

It is specified that the Organising Company shall not provide any additional service as regards cover or guarantee, assistance, taking up of rights to enjoyment, or making the prizes available, the awarding of the prizes merely consisting in giving the prizes as described.  

5.8 The Organising Company expressly decline any responsibility for any incidents or harm of any type that might arise due to enjoyment of the prize and/or due to use thereof and this is recognised expressly by the winners. The winners therefore waive the right to any claim and any recourse against the Organising Country or any one of the companies of the groups to which they belong as regards the prizes, in particular the quality thereof or any consequence arising from taking possession of a prize.


6.1 Every Competitor has access to the Rules of the Competition:

-    from the Website;
-    by requested in writing to the Organising Company at the following addresse : EUROSPORT- Services Jeux Concours- 3, rue Gaston et René Caudron- 92798 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9- FRANCE


7.1 The Organising Company may not be declared responsible for any total or partial malfunctions of the Internet that might or might not have given rise to failures in administration, security, input, integrity, or management of the Competition.  In particular, they may not be declared responsible for any error, omission, imperfection, interruption, deletion, transmission delay, failure of communication and connection circuits, destruction, damage, or technical failure of the fixed or mobile terminal of the Competitor, or for any other problem relating to telecommunications networks, to on-line mobile terminals and computers, or to servers or access providers.

7.2 The Organising Company reserves the right to exclude from taking part in the present Competition any person disturbing the progress of the Competition. It reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who has cheated, defrauded, manipulated or disturbed the operations described in the present Rules or who has attempted to do so.  A winner who has cheated shall automatically forfeit any right to obtain any prize.


8.1 In order to take part in the Competition, the Competitor shall provide the Organising Company with mandatory personal data (name, address…). This information is recorded and saved on a computer file. They are necessary for the participation, draw, allocation and transportation of the prizes. This information may be transferred to any service provider who is in charge of handing the prizes over.

8.2 By taking part in the Competition, the Competitor agrees to receive from the Organizing Company e-mails, updates, newsletters, information and/or offers to participate in Games.   

8.3 Pursuant to the provisions of Article 26 of French Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 relating to data-processing, to files and to civil liberties, Competitors enjoy a right of access to the computer files concerning them and a right to rectify the data concerning them, and they may ask for their details to be struck off and no longer disclosed to third parties.  Such a request may be made by ordinary letter to the Organising Company at:

Eurosport SAS
Services Jeux Concours
3 rue Gaston et René Caudron
92798 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex 9


9.1 The Organising Company reserves the possibility to modify the Competition Rules at any time and to take all decisions it would consider useful for the performance or the interpretation of this Competition's Rules. This Organising Company may inform the Competitors by any means.

9.2 The Organising Company reserves the right, in particular for compelling reasons and/or for reasons of force majeure, to shorten, extend, or cancel the present Competition in part or in full if circumstances so require.  It may not be held liable in such a case.  Prior notice of such changes may however be given by any suitable means.

In the event of force majeure, of unforeseeable circumstances, or of exceptional circumstances (fire, flood, natural disaster, ill-intended intrusion into the computer system, strike, calling into question of the financial and technical equilibrium of the Competition, etc.), and even if such circumstances are its own responsibility (subject to it having acted in good faith), the Organising Company may terminate the Competition in full or in part.  

The present Competition shall be cancelled in the event of winding-up of the Organising Company, or in the event of force majeure, without the Competitors being entitled to claim any compensation in that regard.

9.3 The Organising Company may not be held liable for harm of any type (personal, physical, material, financial, or other harm) arising during the course of participation of a Competitor in the Competition.

9.4 Any information disclosed by the Competitors and by the winner, in particular their details, shall be considered as null and void and shall not be taken into consideration if it includes an anomaly.


10.1 The present Rules are governed by French Law.

10.2 In order to be taken into account, any dispute or objection relating to the Competition shall be made at the latest thirty (30) days as from the closure of the disputed Competition, in writing only and sent to the following address:

Services Jeux Concours
3 rue Gaston et René Caudron
92798 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex 9

10.3 Any dispute that might arise on interpreting the present Rules shall be governed by French Law and shall be subject, as a last resort, to the judgement of the competent Courts within the jurisdiction of the Nanterre Court of Appeal.